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Welcome to the Fairytale channel. I am Captain don/ your host, the inventor, designer, and spinner of tall yarns, from reality to deep fantasies. I have no conventional boundaries thereby permitting my tales to flow through vast spectrums of imagination, at times plunging into the very bowels of the inner-sanctum. My tales are guaranteed 85% true.

On mij 80th birthday good friends gave me a handsome wooden leg, with the promise of a parrot, a hook and an eye patch to follow. And on my 81st birthday Janet mij other half, donated a brand new OS-X mini Macintosh the size of a package of cigarettes that could out wit and out think the mighty Univac which filled rooms the size of hangars.

I found it matched mij skills and on the first day started mij seventh novel, The Admiral’s Son.  A story of slavery moving on the high seas where the British Admiral of the Caribbean fleets married his slave when she was one day dead.  It also re-wrote some stories and spell checked some of my short stories. In fact several hundreds of them.

Now on mij 82nd birthday it is I who will give the gift. 35 years of story telling that started on mij 1946 Olivetti writing machine, salvaged from mij sunken ship the Valerie Queen. Then I wrote on mij very first Apple II that had the memory of a frog. Like rats leaving the sinking ship, I'll be damned if I will take all of mij fun yarns to the grave with me.

Thanks to the wit of Susan Feldman whose cyberspace genius has created this site and who has traded obsessions with me. The deal. Mij hundreds of storie,s a gift to you, for only the price of a small novel. Thus mij eighth book. Szud And The Wagonman.  A story of warmth and belief about a hundred year wagon and a young woman whose zeal didn't waver at the wall of puritan conventionality: The disapproval of the wonders of the living arts (Tattoos).

Captain don/


When I asked Susan Feldman just what sort of a book she wanted. She smiled, a hint of a dimple in her right cheek and said. "You are the author of these things. So!" It was a challenge. Her smugness had back me against the wall. "Well then." I asked, "how many words do you think we might require to do this story?".

"Oh" she said "I don't know about words but about this thick." And she calipered with a finger and thumb showing me at least two inches.

I groaned. Because I knew I was looking at 150,000 plus words, A task which could ware out several computers and cost me a year of my life. But I loved art and female bodies. So pls. stay with me.

Photo bij Jan Seeger. Friend and wife of Susan's tattoo artist Trevor Marshall

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